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Melon Golem Construction

Melon Golem The Melon Golem is a passive golem that roams freely, it has a meager 4 HP, however, don't let that stop you from adding this to your golem ranks! It has a hidden Regen Aura ! ( 1 HP Regened every 3 seconds, the range is decent. Observation has shown that friendlies need to be in the golem's potential view to gain the regen effect, if the mob is nearby but behind a wall, it will not regen it [ Please correct if false ] ).

Melon Golem - Roam Mode

Roaming Mode The Melon Golem will roam freely like a snow golem, a characteristic observed is that it will follow scarecrows ( Please correct if false ).

Melon Golem - Holding Ground

Plant your Melons Mode The Melon Golem can be ordered to stand their ground by Shift + Right Clicking it, this is especially useful in choke points where your offensive golems are stationed, or they can be garrisoned behind an array of turrets to keep them topped off on HP. To confirm that it is indeed in this mode, one can observe its " You Shall Not Pass!!! " stance.