Obsidian Colossus

Obsidian Colossus The ultimate iteration of the line of Colossal Golems, this hulking mass sports 500 HP like his brother, the Armored Colossus, however, even with the same HP rating, it inherits the obscene defensive qualities of smaller comrades, the Obsidian Golems.

  • To ride your Colossus, Jump + Right Click your colossus to mount it. To unmount, press Shift.
  • To attack with your Colossus, press the Space Bar, or hold it down for sustained hail of unforgiving Obsidian mitts to the face! ( Colossus attacks are observed to have an conal effect area where multiple mobs can be hit in a single swing, another finding shows that hitting a mob at the maximum melee range sends them flying into the sky as seen with Iron Golems in the past [ Please correct if false ] )

    Obsidian Colossus Construction